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Find, create and auction NFTs. Seamlessly. On NEAR.


The Auction is a secondary NFT marketplace where true value of digital assets is discovered through auctions. We provide tools to discover, collect and trade valuable NFTs.

Mint NFTs

Mint your collection at low cost

Set up an auction

Connect your wallet and design an auction with our tools

Receive royalties

As a creator, receive royalties with every sale in the future.

NFT Dashboard

Explore new and upcoming collections, check the rarity and track social sentiment with our NFT Analytics Dashboard.

Discover NFTs

Whether you are a collector, gamer, NFT flipper, activist or just curious, our algorithms help you find the perfect NFT match.

Never miss a trend

Get NFT eye view across NFT marketplaces with our NFT aggregator.

Find a perfect gift

Introduce others to NFTs by giving them a digital avatar, an NFT carbon offset, an NFT concert ticket and more.


  • Initial NFT offering at low cost and fast time to market
  • Easy bridging to ETH through Aurora's Rainbow bridge
  • NEAR ecosystem support and promotion tools
  • Social value discovery and efficient NFT market

Launch roadmap

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Smart Contract Development

Web App Development

Smart Contract QA

Web App QA

SC+Web App Integration





Product roadmap

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Platform Launch
NFT projects
Aurora Support
Ethereum support
Token Launch
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